Energetic Shamanic Healing Services

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Inanna Ravenstar’s Energetic Shamanic Healing Services

Crown Chakra CAP Removal with DNA Activation ◊ Cord Cutting for Past & Present Attachment Removal ◊ Body Scanning for Illness & Misplaced Energies ◊ Reiki Master ◊ Crystal Reiki with Messages & Journey ◊ Animal Reiki & Channeling ◊ Master Teacher of Featherway ◊ Paranormal Investigation ◊ House & Business Clearings & Blessings, Entity Removal, Realtor Assistance

A free 20 minute channeling consultation – no obligation !

As you stand before me, I sense your body and energy fields and am able to see and hear everything going on with you communicated through spiritual guides, yours or mine, causing illness, life issues or blocking your path forward. I see whether these are past lives brought forth or childhood issues, trauma in all forms. This session is where I will know what to do help you heal, release negative blocks and am able to recommend services, products and modalities to assist you.  These may be done in person or online.

DNA Activation

You experience a huge acceleration step on your personal path of enlightenment, empowerment and personal health with DNA Activation. With this procedure energetic blockages to embodying your Higher Self are removed through the activation of your spiritual and physical DNA.

Cellular Release Therapy

Often we are victims of traumas from early childhood on – painful experiences which we do not remember.  The Subconscious mind programs every experience, thought or belief into the memory of every cell which affects the entire body  Many  ailments are a result of these incidents. When the trauma is released the body can heal.  Do you experience symptoms that have been difficult to pin down to a given disease or medical condition?  What about recurring thoughts, worries or fears that keep a hold on your feelings — your mental state and emotional well-being? Cellular Release Therapy can help you heal by clearing trauma and painful experiences without your having to remember or re-experience them 

Crown Chakra Cap Removal

Another way that your blocked energies can be removed is through Crown Chakra Cap Removal which re-establishes magnetic lines of energy flow, helps ground and balance energies and allows blocked negative energies to be released from your body. This is done by removing blockages at the cap, opening a connection with the divine and strengthening light flow to the crown chakra. This is a very simple, but powerful procedure I can provide.

Cord Cutting Attachment Removal

Do your thoughts and feelings keep returning to past relationships – family, co-workers, friends or others from the past – intimate or romantic as well? Is it difficult to move forward without repeating the patterns of the past? You see, you are energetically corded to anyone who you have/had a relationship with in some way whether the tie is harmful or healthy.

A cord of attachment is  negative and presents you with a unique set of challenges. I can assist you by cutting these energetic cords of negative attachment and release the bonds connecting you with someone else.

Paranormal Investigations

There is a “hidden” world all around us just beyond our 3rd Dimensional consciousness. (Please go to the BLOG section of this website for more detail.) 

I became aware of this area of Experience early in life. It has become a major part of my life’s work and mission.

ARE YOU INTRIGUED? CURIOUS? — I’d LOVE to act as a guide to the Paranormal for you! (This may be done remotely)


Energetic Shamanic Healing Services

call for consultation and pricing

Inanna Ravenstar ·970-467-1614