Inanna Adaraa Ravenstar

Shamanic/ Spiritual healer

aka Melissa Ravenstar

“I AM” A Shamanic/Spiritual Healer

As a Medium, “I AM” clairaudient and clairvoyant. I hear and see spirits clearly as though we are communicating face to face.

As a Medical Intuitive, I can see illnesses within the body – a technique called  “Body Scanning”.  

I work closely with God, Christ, Angels and Spirit Guides. Spirit always knows what is needed to help an individual seeking service whether it be for a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue. I see it all and will assist you to release and become the powerful person you came here to be.

Much of my work focuses on clearing blockages caused by “traumas” or negative events and injuries which have happened early in life. They may have been forgotten in our conscious mind, but the cells on our body “remember” and hold on these events producing physical and emotional pain – often producing illness.















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