DNA Cellular Release Therapy with Cap Removal Session scheduled through December 22nd for $90 instead off the regular $125 fee – a great way to get in tune for the holidays!

Contact Melissa at 970-467-1614 or to book your session!!!

Do you realize that some of the most painful issues in your life – dissatisfaction with the workplace, a romantic relationship that is going nowhere or even recurring pain in your body with no apparent physical cause – are only made worse by worry and trying to fix the immediate problem?  That’s right! The REAL source of the problem could have been caused by an experience which occurred when you were only three years old – an experience you no longer remember consciously.  But the memory has been embedded in your cells.

Medical science now recognizes the concept of “cellular memory” as noted by Eric Nestler, an M.D. from Harvard, who said, “Scientists believe these cellular memories might mean the dif­ference between a healthy life and death… Cancer can be the result of a bad cellular memory replacing a good one… This may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness.”

I have experienced Melissa Ravenstar’s cellular release therapy over the past year.  Friends were giving me conflicting messages on how to solve a problem that was making day-to-day life difficult.  I felt unable to explain my thinking or stand up for myself.  The therapy helped me discover where I had lost my “power” during formative years and brought me to the point of releasing these memories.  I took action on the issue decisively and now live more comfortably with a new sense of confidence and peace within.”                      – cjg

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