I have been seeing Melissa for about 3 years now. She has helped me through a very difficult, manipulative divorce. I credit her for moving me through the pain much faster. I have done energy healings, cellular release, cord cuttings, dna cap removal, and most recently angelic reiki. She has helped me with deep seated issues that go much further and deeper than my recent relationship. She has also worked on both of my children as well as my dog who loves to go see Melissa. I am truly grateful for the work Melissa does!

Cara Leonard

“I have experienced Melissa Ravenstar’s cellular release therapy over the past year. Friends were giving me conflicting messages on how to solve a problem that was making day-to-day life difficult. I felt unable to explain my thinking or stand up for myself. The therapy helped me discover where I had lost my “power” during formative years and brought me to the point of releasing these memories. I took action on the issue decisively and now live more comfortably with a new sense of confidence and peace within.” – cjg