Are you feeling any of these effects of the Spiritual Ascension?

1. Discomfort, Aches and Pains

2. Headaches

3. Bursts of Energy Running through You

4. Quickly Shifting from Joy and Love to Depression and Despair

5. You have a strong yearning to ‘Go home’

6. Intense Dreams/ Unusual Sleep Patterns

7. Changing Relationships

8. Heightened Sensitivity

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“As you move through the ascension process changes will happen at the level of mind, body, spirit, and emotion.There is incredible beauty, grace, and wellness offered through the new energies… But as the old and outdated falls and fades away it does not always go willingly. Ascension symptoms are not a direct result of the higher energies of light, but rather they are a result of holding onto limitations and resistance in the mind and body.”

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Do you realize that some of the most painful issues in your life – dissatisfaction with the workplace, a romantic relationship that is going nowhere or even recurring pain in your body with no apparent physical cause – are only made worse by worry and trying to fix the immediate problem?  That’s right! The REAL source of the problem could have been caused by an experience which occurred when you were only three years old – an experience you no longer remember consciously.  But the memory has been embedded in your cells.

Medical science now recognizes the concept of “cellular memory” as noted by Eric Nestler, an M.D. from Harvard, who said, “Scientists believe these cellular memories might mean the dif­ference between a healthy life and death… Cancer can be the result of a bad cellular memory replacing a good one… This may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness.”

I have experienced Melissa Ravenstar’s cellular release therapy over the past year.  Friends were giving me conflicting messages on how to solve a problem that was making day-to-day life difficult.  I felt unable to explain my thinking or stand up for myself.  The therapy helped me discover where I had lost my “power” during formative years and brought me to the point of releasing these memories.  I took action on the issue decisively and now live more comfortably with a new sense of confidence and peace within.”                      – cjg


Does your pet show signs of anxiety from stressful situations or past  traumas?



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Does your pet show signs of anxiety from stressful situations or past traumas?

Yes, animals are susceptible to the effects of trauma and benefit from energetic healing techniques such as Reiki or Qigong in the same way as humans can. Along with the rise of alternative healing therapies for human beings, new ways to help others in the animal kingdom are being developed. Thus we have not only animal communicators or psychic readers specializing in spiritual connections with your pets, but now there are practitioners whose focus is on healing animals, as well. Melissa Ravenstar is one such gifted healer who has a special talent for applying her gifts to her clients’ pets — and this is important, because they are members of the family and are involved in family dynamics, too!

The Animal Reiki Alliance summarizes the benefits of Reiki for pets as follows:

Animals are highly intuitive and sensitive to the energies of their surroundings. Reiki is a healing energy that can be used alone or as a complement to other healing practices, balancing the energy patterns and strengthening the animal’s natural healing systems. When the animal’s healing are at optimum performance, the body, mind and spirit can heal itself. Reiki can serve animals in the following way

  • Maintaining health and well being through regular sessions.
  • Aiding in pain management for animals who are ill or injured, as well as post surgery.
  • Promoting relaxation and calm for animals with emotional issues, anxiety, separation anxiety or stress (including pre-surgery).
  • Increasing bond between human and animal – a great way to ease an animal’s transition to a new home environment or to enhance training your pet.
  • Bringing peace and comfort to a dying pet by easing the transition into death.

Note: Reiki is not a substitute for taking your pet to your veterinarian. If your animal needs immediate assistance, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Full Moon Recovery – posted August 28, 2018

We’ve just made it through another full moon August 25th – 26th   with Pisces bringing the archetypal energy of the mystic endowed with the mission to transcend suffering. Tanishka, “The Moon Woman” describes the feelings we experienced so beautifully . . .

The more unresolved past pain we are carrying the less clear we will feel during a major Pisces transit such as this. So if you feel nebulous like you don’t know where you’re going or what to do just focus on dissolving into your feelings to release old pain so you can be available to your own Soul.

This is a powerful portal to transcend addictions through spiritual communion that supports the release of emotional pain. And if ‘work is love made visible’ then doing the inner work of healing is the ultimate act of self love. Only when we’ve shown up for ourselves and loved ourselves enough to commit to this can we be available to love all, serve all.

Psychic medium Ian Scott  warned “a negative attitude and feeling around this August full moon will heighten that very energy. Leading to a tiredness and an absence over the full moon period. The August full moon 2018 will take whatever mood you’re in and triple its power.”

Jamie Partridge states: “The five harmonious blue aspects are all under one degree orb so are  very strong. They create a Grand Trine and a Minor Grand Trine that together with the Sun opposite Moon form a Kite aspect pattern. This makes the full moon so good for improving yourself, your relationships and your life in general. You can make creative changes that improve your skills and develop your talents. Full moon August 2018 brings exciting opportunities for success that can increase your wealth and bring a greater sense of security and stability.”


Did YOU feel the pull of these energies during the PISCES FULL MOON?

Would YOU be seeking to put your past pains and sorrows behind you?

Would YOU like to get onto the road towards a more positive life?

THEN contact Melissa Ravenstar who can help you do just that through cellular-release therapy to clear trauma without your having to remember or re-experience the event!

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